The Key Techniques of Making Concentrated Citrus Juice and its Processing Equipment

  The research achievement of the key techniques of making concentrated citrus juice and its processing equipment was appraised by the China Machinery Industry Federation. Its main contents are listed as follows:

  1. The domestic whole fruit juice extractor was developed, which realized the separation of juice and peel, essential oil, pulp and seeds, and improved the juice yield and quality.

  2. Orange juice debittering technology and equipment were developed. The excellent debittering resins were selected, which show the strong adsorption and desorption capability of naringin and limonin, with a long service life and a low cost, while better retaining the juice nutritional components and flavors.

  3. Cryoconcentration techniques and equipment were developed, improving the evaporation rate by operating below 50°C, and decreasing the nutritional loss to the orange juice.

  4. A rapid method was established for the determination of the main bitter components such as naringin and limonin in citrus fruits by reverse-phase HPLC, coupled with the UV detection using a waters Symmetry C18 column and methanol and water as the mobile phase.