Transplanting, corresponding cultivation techniques, and the development and application of elite pu

Breeding for elite pummel varieties and studies on the corresponding cultivation techniques were organized and performed around China by the Institute, and 132 elite varieties were transplanted and bred. One of them passed the national variety release authorization, and six passed the provincial authorization. Sixteen early varieties bred and were selected to improve the maturity period earlier than September. Both the elite pummelo variety database and the computer specialist system established through our research fills the void of information in China.

Pummelo is grown in China within 12% of the total orange/tangerine areas; elite varieties cultivated cover more than 79% of those areas. The extension and application of this technology system have resulted in great development of the pummel industry. At present, the system has become one of the species with the highest elite variety rate among the orange/tangerines in China.

This technology system won the second Sci-Tech Progress Award of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in March, 1993.