Prevention & Control of Pests & Diseases
. Principal Investigator, Director, Prof. Dr. ZHOU Changyong
. Principal Investigator,Director Assistant, Prof. Dr. LI Zhongan

    This research team selected as MOA and MOE innovation team is led by Profs. ZHOU Changyong and LI Zhongan. The key team members include Prof. QING Ling, and Associate Profs. RAN Chun, TANG Kezhi, LIU Jinxiang, HU Junhua, YANG Fangyun, LI Taisheng, ZHOU Yan, LU Zhihong, LI Hongjun, WANG Xuefeng and SONG Zhen. There are six major research areas:

    1) Molecular pathology and detection of citrus diseases;

    2) Techniques for establishing virus-free propagation systems;

    3) Key techniques for establishing pest-free zones;

    4) Monitoring and forecasting of citrus pests and diseases;

    5) Selecting and applying natural enemies of insect pests;

    6) Selecting and developing bio-pesticides.

. Prof. Dr. QING Ling
. Prof. Dr. RAN Chun
. Assoc. Prof. TANG Kezhi
. Assoc. Prof. Dr. ZHOU Yan
. Assoc. Prof.Dr.WANG Xuefeng
. Assoc. Prof. Dr. HU Junhua
. Assoc. Prof. Dr.YANG Fangyun
. Assoc. Prof.Dr.SONG Zhen
. Assoc. Prof. Dr.LIU Jinxiang
. Assoc. Prof. LI Hongjun
. Assoc. Prof. LI Taisheng
. Senior Agrononmist  LU Zhihong
. Dr. CAO Mengji

    The major ongoing projects are: Study on integrative control techniques for Citrus Huanglongbing and canker and their demonstration in citrus orchards (2010-2014), Study on control techniques for fruit viruses and their demonstration in fruit orchards (2012-2016), Survey of citrus pest species and characterization of their occurrence and economic influence (2009-2013), Integrative utilization of modern technology in citrus industry on a large scale (2012-2014), Development and demonstration of sustainable control techniques for the main citrus pests and diseases (2012-2016),  Interaction between severe and mild strains of Hop stunt viroid and molecular mechanism of their influence on hosts (2010-2012), Mechanism of prevalence and integrative control techniques for Citrus brown spot disease in tangerine and their demonstration (2012-2014), Propagation of predatory mites resistant to pesticides and demonstration of their utilization in citrus orchards, etc. This team has won seventeen national and provincial scientific awards. One post-doctoral scholar, 11 PhD students and 28 Master students are studying in this team.


Tel: 86-23-68349017, 86-23-68349607


    ( Last update:  2014.2)